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Lock Your Doors

What Are The Best Ways to Secure Your Doors? In previous articles we have talked about how your front doors affect curb appeal,  what colors to paint them, and how to protect them from being damaged. But what we haven’t talked about is how you can use them to help secure your house – obviously […]

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Door Painting

Would you Like Your Doors or Cabinets Painted Speedily? The doors and cabinets in your home can take quite a beating. They are used everyday by everyone in the household. They can be slammed, covered with sticky fingerprints, kicked, beaten up by the weather or just plain abused. Sometimes it isn’t even abuse, it’s just […]

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Door Damage

How Can You Best Protect Your Exterior Doors? Are your exterior doors looking a little worse for the wear? Is your varnish or paint chipping off, or maybe there are water marks at the bottom of the door. What ever is making your door less beautiful and less functional, it can be avoided. Common causes of door […]

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