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Painting Doors

Do You Need Your Doors Painted or Refinished?   Are your doors or even your cabinets in need of revitalization?   Are they worn, used and abused?   Is this really a job you want to tackle?   Do you have the time even if you wanted to?   Do you want to clean up […]

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Why Hire a Painter? Are you a homeowner that needs interior or exterior doors painted? Are you a property manager updating and upgrading apartments that have cupboards and doors that need to be refinished? Are you a general contractor that needs to hire a subcontractor to finish cupboards and doors either for new construction or […]

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Property Managers

What do Property Managers Need? Before we can determine what property managers need, we should probably discuss who they are and what they do. What is a property manager? Property managers are the people on the front lines, acting as the liaison between the landlord and the tenant.

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