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Property Managers

What do Property Managers Need? Before we can determine what property managers need, we should probably discuss who they are and what they do. What is a property manager? Property managers are the people on the front lines, acting as the liaison between the landlord and the tenant.

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Apartment Maintenance

How to Keep Up With Apartment Maintenance If you are an apartment owner or an apartment manager, one of your biggest challenges is keeping the apartments well maintained and in good physical shape. They always need to be move in ready. As tenants move in and out, it becomes obvious just how much use and […]

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Sub Contractors

The Importance of a Good Sub Contractor   If you are an owner or a general contractor with a big job to complete, you realize that you can’t do the job by yourself. So the hunt begins to find the right sub contractor to work with. The general contractor is the coordinator that makes sure […]

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