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The Importance of a Good Sub Contractor


Sub ContractorIf you are an owner or a general contractor with a big job to complete, you realize that you can't do the job by yourself. So the hunt begins to find the right sub contractor to work with.

The general contractor is the coordinator that makes sure everything on the job gets completed.

Because he is the person that has a contract with the owner, no matter how many "subs" he hires, he is the person the owner looks to if problems arise.

Sub contractors usually have areas of expertise:

They might be specialized in...

  • Painting sub contractorLandscape
  • Plumbing
  • Cabinetry
  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Painting

A sub contractor may need to hire another sub contractor under him to do even more specific jobs, such as a landscaper might hire someone to put in a fence or a sprinkling system.

Hiring a sub contractor isn't necessarily easy to do.

Unless you are already acquainted with someone that you know and trust who does the kind of work you are looking for, you have to choose an unknown entity. Someone you don't know, someone whose work you're not acquainted with, whose work ethic and reliability you know nothing about.

This is a task you'll want to do right because their work will be perceived by the owner as your work.

Tips to hire a good sub contractor:

  • Begin with referrals - Talk to people in the industry
    • Other contractors
    • Building inspectors
    • Supply houses
  • Narrow the field down with phone interviews - You can get a good sense of a person by having a conversation on the phone.
  • Get their references - Nothing gives you a better sense of who a sub contractor is than checking their references and even taking a look at their work.
  • Get Bids - Once you have chosen about 3 sub contractors that look good to you, ask them to bid on your job.

Now you can make an informed choice and hire the right contractor for the project

If you are a general contractor or an apartment complex owner with the task of renewing and painting the exterior of your buildings. Don't forget the exterior door to each apartment. These doors often take a great deal of use and abuse, and a fresh finish would make a big difference.

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Consider the time and disruption savings to your tenants.

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5 Star RatingExtremely Satisfied with the Workmanship

Mar 23, 2011 by Susan Battin and Bruce Jackson

We were attracted to GF Moore Painting by the brochure telling about the Self Contained Door Painting van. When we met with Warren we were impressed with his professionalism.

We realized that not only would he do our doors in an efficient and less disruptive manner but would take on the painting of the Interior walls at a very reasonable price. We are extremely satisfied with the workmanship displayed in the finished project.


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