We Are A Fine Finish Painting Shop

We are a company that specializes in fine finishes on doors, cabinet doors, furniture, and other objects.

After years of general paint contracting we have specialized in order to offer quality finishes at reasonable rates. Quality fine finishes require a defined environment to achieve consistent results.

We have designed, built, and operate a 24 foot mobile fine finish shop to accomplish our mission. Our shop has a preparation area, spray booth, drying booth, and spray pump and tool clean up area.

Speedy Door Painting Process

Mobile Painting Shop delivers quality results

This finish shop gives us considerable control over the final cost and appearance of our fine finishes for the following reasons:

  • Creates an environment that is on site for a minimum of time and effort to move objects to be finished from where they are used to the finish shop.
  • Creates an area where objects can be prepared for finishes with all the tools and materials necessary to do the work organized and on hand.
  • Creates a spray booth where objects can be sprayed with a uniform amount of material with consistent thickness of the finish.
  • Creates an environment where over sprayed finish materials are captured in filters.
  • Creates an environment that is well lit and free of shadows for optimum visibility.
  • Creates an environment that has clean air which is free of dust, bugs, and other contaminants for smooth blemish free finishes.
  • Creates an environment where the temperature and humidity are controlled for minimum drying time between coats and the time objects can be moved back to where they are used.
  • Creates an environment where contaminated finish materials can be disposed in an eco friendly way.
  • Creates an environment where dirty contaminated water can be recycled and used again.

In this environment fine finishes can be applied, dried, and delivered with a minimum of effort, material, time, and cost.

Speedy Door Painting - Environment

Hence, we can deliver on-time and on-budget