Curb Appeal

Does Your Home Have Positive Curb Appeal?

Bad Curb Appeal - Speedy Door PaintingWhether you're getting ready to sell your home or you are planning to stay in it and upgrade it's outside appearance, you are working on its curb appeal.

Curb appeal involves everything from the front of the house to the street and everything in between. It involves looking at the front of your home through new eyes.

When you look at something every day, you get used to its flaws and before long you don't even really "see" them. You need to take a fresh look if you are going to make any improvements.

But where do you begin?

Try this little activity and see what others see:

  1. The next time you are driving back home, stop and park a couple of houses away and down the street just a little. Be sure you have a good view of your home. Pull out a pen & paper and be ready to take notes.
  2. What is the first thing that strikes you?
    1. Are the bushes overgrown so much that you can't see the house?
    2. Is the drive or walkway in disrepair?
    3. Does the front door look inviting?
    4. Can you even see it?
  3. Don't be too rough on your house, it must have good features too. Pick them out and decide if there is a way to improve upon them.
  4. How does your house compare with the rest of the neighborhood?

Now you have something to analyze. You can make a plan and you can make improvements.

Beautiful Front Doors - Speedy Door Painting

Where it all begins...

Your frontĀ  door is key to good curb appeal. If it's dingy, weathered, hidden or just plain uninviting, this is a great place to start. The front door is where it all begins.

If you're ready to put your home on the market, you want potential buyers to feel like they are coming home through an inviting front door.

If you're upgrading your home's appearance for yourself, you want that same feeling. Additionally you want your front door to be welcoming to your guests.

Maybe your front door needs to be replaced or maybe it just needs to be refinished.

Whatever the case may be...

Speedy Door Painting can help be part of the solution.

I will bring my state-of-the-art door painting shop right to your site and complete your project on time, on budget and with the highest quality. I keep all of the dust and debris contained in my shop and you get a beautiful new door. Give me a call so we can get started.

**originally published 4/2/11

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